NOBUYA HITSUDA, San-sui (Landscape), 1997. Oil on canvas, 97 x 162.1 cm. Photo by Kei Okano. © Nobuya Hitsuda, courtesy the artist and Kayokoyuki.

Active since the 1970s, Nobuya Hitsuda is widely known both for his subtle, evocative landscape paintings and his distinguished career as a professor. Former students include artists Yoshitomo Nara, Kyoko Murase, Hiroshi Sugito, and Emi Otaguro.

The devastated landscape of postwar Tokyo left a major impression on Hitsuda, who was born in 1941, and continues to influence his practice. His paintings often depict everyday scenes of concrete walls, weeds growing in untended plots, shadows cast by the morning sun, and broken fences. Mountain ranges and water are also signature elements of his works.

Hitsuda considers his landscape paintings to show moments glimpsed in passing and perceived in fragments. To capture these impressions, he creates a bricolage of various moments. His way of seeing and accumulating scenes across time results in compositions that appear to metamorphose right before the viewer’s eye.



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Kayokoyuki was founded by Kayoko Yuki in Tokyo in 2011 and has occupied its current converted warehouse space in Komagome since 2015. The gallery supports artists who use ephemeral imagery derived from objects in their everyday lives to reflect on their experiences and create works that propose new ways of coexisting at a time of increasing social polarization.

Kayokoyuki participates in international art fairs, such as Paris Internationale and NADA Miami, and operates a second space, Echo, Cologne, in collaboration with three other international galleries. Represented artists include Nobuya Hitsuda, Kenji Ide, Yohei Imamura, Shiho Kagabu, Kazuki Matsushita, Ayako Ohno, Emi Otaguro, Michi Suwa, Daichi Takagi, Masanori Tomita, and Evelyn Taocheng Wang.