MASATO KOBAYASHI, “About Freedom,” installation view, 2023. Photo by Shigeo Muto. © Masato Kobayashi, courtesy ShugoArts.

ShugoArts is pleased to present “About Freedom,” a solo exhibition by Masato Kobayashi. “Freedom,” as Kobayashi understands it, is not about abandoning the frameworks of art and society but rather imagining what we can do within their constraints in order to expand the practice of painting. The exhibition consists of several works, including Artist (2023), which evolves out of a massive, 2-by-10-meter piece Kobayashi made for his 2004 solo exhibition “Starry Paint” at Tensta Konsthall in Sweden. At the conclusion of the exhibition, Kobayashi cut the original work into fragments that were then turned into works themselves. In a similar fashion Artist transforms the remnants of the original work into a completely new entity.



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Shugo Satani worked at his father Kazuhiko’s Satani Gallery before starting ShugoArts in 2000. The gallery moved to Roppongi in 2016 and opened a viewing space in Tennozu Isle in 2021. ShugoArts aims to create new art historical values through its exhibition program, prioritizing above all the free expression of artists. The gallery collaborates with such artists as Masaya Chiba, Yukio Fujimoto, Leiko Ikemura, Masato Kobayashi, Aki Kondo, Lee Kit, Naofumi Maruyama, Anju Michele, Ritsue Mishima, Yasumasa Morimura, Yuji Ono, Yoriko Takabatake, Shigeo Toya, Atsushi Yamamoto, and Tomoko Yoneda.

MASATO KOBAYASHI, “Family of this Planet,” installation view, ShugoArts, Tokyo, 2021. Photo by Shigeo Muto. © Masato Kobayashi, courtesy ShugoArts.