WAITINGROOM was founded in Tokyo in 2010 with the mission to promote and support cutting-edge contemporary art in various media. The gallery works with young and emerging artists who have their own distinct, unique perspectives on the world and who explore new and diverse ways through which such perspectives can be expressed.

The gallery’s attention is focused on the presence of human beings in our post-industrial society, which covers a wide range of topics from social engagement to our relationship with nature, from cultural heritage to the fantasies we sometimes dream of to keep our faith in the world. The gallery’s artists often arouse sentiments that echo universally; they have frequent exhibitions in Japan as well as at international galleries, museums, biennials, triennials, and more.

Beyond exhibitions, WAITINGROOM supports artistic creation through diverse programs, including lectures and workshops that stimulate dynamic discussions. Through building a positive relationship between artists and audiences, WAITINGROOM aims to share artistic inspiration with the world.
Nagashima Bldg. 1F, 2-14-2 Suido, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Exhibition Information
October 16 – November 14
WAITINGROOM will present a solo exhibition of new works by the New York–based artist duo exonemo. Inspired by the “connect the dots” technique used in children’s puzzles, the duo created the book CONNECT THE RANDOM DOTS. The book proposes various ways of connecting the dots, such that a random image emerges by connecting dots arranged in a completely random order or such that a page is filled with so many dots it is impossible to even connect them.

For the exhibition, also titled “CONNECT THE RANDOM DOTS,” the artists will install the pages of the book in the gallery space. They will also sell the right to own each page as an NFT and attempt to map the owner’s location on the internet. This act can be seen as posing questions about “value” and “ownership” from various angles.
© exonemo, courtesy of the artist and WAITINGROOM