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Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery opened in 1999 in the cultural complex of Tokyo Opera City building as an urban art museum to suit the city's lifestyle and to provide easy access to art and music. With a focus on contemporary art, the museum exhibits paintings, sculptures, photographs, architecture, fashion, design, and other works by contemporary artists active in Japan and abroad who present a variety of perspectives.

Exhibition Information
Rinko Kawauchi: M/E On this sphere Endlessly interlinking
October 8–December 18
Rinko Kawauchi (b. 1972) is an internationally acclaimed photographer. She received the 27th The Kimura Ihei Award for two photobooks, Utatane and Hanabi (both published by Little More in 2001), and has continued to actively publish photo collections and hold solo exhibitions ever since.

Kawauchi’s work has always been characterized by its distinct coloring imbued with soft lighting, and she has continually captured the mystery, splendor, transience, and power possessed by people, animals, and all forms of life. Her eye wanders equally across the full spectrum of potential subject matter, from familiar scenes of family, plants, and animals to majestic natural landscapes with volcanoes and icebergs. The great appeal of Kawauchi’s artistic world lies in how the ephemeral, unpretentious things of everyday life are connected by a distinctive sensibility to the works of the earth formed over long periods of time and how they shine with the same splendor.

Interspersed with works from series the artist has shown before, this exhibition also presents her new series “M/E,” the theme of which is humankind’s connection with Mother Earth and features images shot in Iceland, alongside a new body of work focusing on everyday life during the Covid-19 pandemic. The exhibition presents an opportunity to reconsider human activity and our relationship with nature.
Rinko Kawauchi, Untitled, from the series “M/E”, 2019