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POETIC SCAPE opened in 2011 as a gallery specialising in photography in Nakameguro, Tokyo. While photography is at the core of the gallery's curation, in recent years the gallery has also expanded to include non-photographic works.
The word "POETIC SCAPE" is a combination of the words "poetic" and "landscape". Our aim is to bring people a new landscape that cannot be clearly defined by language, but which the artist can certainly see.
The artists we work with include Hiroshi Nomura, Toshiya Watanabe, Daido Moriyama, Sakiko Nomura, Haruka Yamada and Tracy Templeton.
There is also a small shop space, selling books by artists associated with POETIC SCAPE, as well as books on photographic theory. In addition, the gallery also offers framing services.

Exhibition Information
Hiroshi Nomura: KUDAN
October 19–November 20
One day, when I thought 90 percent of the works that I had been making since last year for this exhibition had been consolidated, another motif appeared in my mind, pushing them aside. I often make works in a continuous series, so the arrival of a new motif was new to me.

I drew an esquisse on the same day, and the image became firmly established. The head is a cow, and the body is a figure like Norakuro, a Japanese cartoon character. Its name is KUDAN. When I observed the image objectively, I thought it was a chimerical collection of the motifs that had been used in the past. If KUDAN is written in Chinese characters, it is 件, which is used to say, “regarding that matter”—the vague “matter” that seems to be understood by everyone who is talking, but in fact no one knows exactly what it is.

Vague KUDAN walk alone. I thought Uchida Hyakken’s novel was also a KUDAN, and when I checked the figure, I found that the face was a person and the body a cow. I mix the paint with the “air of the present” and fix the image on the canvas. KUDAN’s partner is birds. They are called Nanigashi—a certain person. Blue birds like to tweet. The true figure of KUDAN may appear through the howling of multiple KUDAN works. —Hiroshi Nomura
© Hiroshi Nomura, courtesy of POETIC SCAPE