Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 050-5541-8600(Hello Dial, from within Japan)
The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo hosts various exhibitions to actively examine the current state of art by presenting the latest creative endeavors, both at home and abroad, from a variety of fields, including painting, sculpture, fashion, architecture, and design, among others. The museum also has a collection of over 5,500 works of art.

The museum’s library has a total of 270,000 art-related books and materials, and its program includes many activities—educational workshops, various courses, lectures, etc.—to provide information and promote the arts. The museum also has a restaurant, café and lounge, and museum shop that are open to everyone.

Photo by Kenta Hasegawa
Exhibition Information
MOT Collection Rewinding the Collection 2nd
November 3, 2022–February 19, 2023
The global Covid-19 pandemic robbed people around the world of their freedom of movement. Embarking on a journey became far from easy. This exhibition is an attempt to rethink the desire to go somewhere far away that many people experienced during the period spent at home over the past few years. The inspiration for this exploration is a trip to Paris that Prince and Princess Asaka took in the 1920s—a journey that was the starting point for the construction of the museum’s main building. Through travel posters from that period (which were then an influential medium) and the approaches of contemporary artists, this exhibition explores the meaning of the experience called “travel.”