Photo by Kenji Morita
MUJIN-TO Production
Founded in 2006 in Tokyo, MUJIN-TO Production works primarily with emerging and mid-career artists from Japan. Since its establishment, the gallery has been devoted to promoting outstanding artistic talents through experimental projects, exhibitions with context, and participating at domestic and international art fairs. The gallery also publishes artists’ books and DVDs to provide a deeper understanding of its artists’ practices.

MUJIN-TO Production commits to being challenging and fearless for its artists. To date, the gallery represents 10 artists and one artist collective, each of whom respond to social issues of our time and give us a new awareness through their unique views and approaches.
MUJIN-TO Production
5-10-5 Kotobashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Exhibition Information
Sachiko Kazama
"Dyslympian 2021"
October 30 – November 20
“Dyslympian 2021” is an exhibition derived from the enormous six-meter-wide woodcut print, Dyslympics 2680, created by Sachiko Kazama in 2018. Dyslympics 2680 depicts the opening of a fictional sports competition held in the city of Dyslympia, controlled by eugenics, and the number 2680 in the title indicates the 2680th Japanese imperial year, which is 2020 in the Christian era; the depicted sports competition was imagined to be held at the same time as Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in a parallel world.

The main work in this exhibition, Dyslympian, the Nine Army Gods, shows nine athletes who have been trained for the honor of their country. Each athlete is drawn on an aluminum sheet, likened to silver foil instead of gold, and has a different social background and story.

A medal rush was reported every day at the Tokyo Olympics, as if to respond to the explosive Covid-19 outbreak. In this exhibition, we look back on what was left after the feast through the portraits of nine heroes.
Sachiko Kazama, Human Mt. Fuji, 2017
Courtesy of Fuchu Art Museum, photo by Mineo Sakata