Courtesy of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo
Mori Art Museum
Mori Art Museum, located on the 53rd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, is a contemporary art museum with a global outlook, committed to presenting cutting-edge visual arts, architecture, design, and other modes of creative output from around the world through a unique point of view. Parallel to large-scale, curated exhibitions, the museum also organizes a series of programs on a smaller scale. These include “MAM Collection,” which introduces works in the museum's collection; “MAM Screen,” which showcases video works; “MAM Research,” which focuses on exhibiting materials rather than artworks; and “MAM Projects,” which conducts experimental projects with artists from all over the world.

With the motto “Art + Life” and in an effort to make contemporary art more accessible, the Mori Art Museum also supervises works of public art at Roppongi Hills and Toranomon Hills and organizes art events in collaboration with the local community. It is open until late every evening, except Tuesdays, to enable museumgoers to enjoy art after work or after dinner.
Mori Art Museum
53F Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
050-5541-8600 (Hello Dial, within Japan); +81-(0)47-316-2772 (Hello Dial, from overseas)
Exhibition Information
"Another Energy: Power to Continue Challenging – 16 Women Artists from around the World"
April 22, 2021 – January 16, 2022
Recent years have witnessed growing movements around the world to attach greater value to diversity. In contemporary art, attention has also increasingly been turned to underrecognized female artists who have long been active and continue their work today. The exhibition “Another Energy: Power to Continue Challenging – 16 Women Artists from Around the World” focuses on 16 international female artists whose careers span over 50 years and whose ages range from 72 to 106: Etel Adnan, Phyllida Barlow, Anna Boghiguian, Miriam Cahn, Lili Dujourie, Anna Bella Geiger, Beatriz González, Carmen Herrera, Kim Soun-Gui, Suzanne Lacy, Mishima Kimiyo, Miyamoto Kazuko, Senga Nengudi, Nunung WS, Arpita Singh, and Robin White.

While all of these artists remain active today, what they share—regardless of recognition or evaluation by museums or the art market—is a determination to pursue their own distinctive creative paths in turbulent environments and times. Showcasing a wide array of nearly 130 powerful works, which range from paintings to videos to sculptures, large-scale installations, and performances, this exhibition contemplates the nature of the special strength or what one may call the driving force—“another energy”—of these artists.
Phyllida Barlow, Undercover 2, 2020
Installation view of "Another Energy: Power to Continue Challenging – 16 Women Artists from around the World," Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2021
Courtesy of Hauser & Wirth, photo by Furukawa Yuya, photo courtesy of Mori Art Museum, Tokyo