Installation view of Shiro Takatani's exhibition “Topograph / Toposcan,” Kodama Gallery | Tennoz, 2019
Courtesy of the artist and Kodama Gallery
Kodama Gallery
Kodama Gallery’s concept is to discover and introduce young Japanese artists. Since the gallery opened in Osaka in 1999, it has quickly picked up the contemporary art scene in western Japan, around Kansai, and brought its artists to the market. The gallery currently has a space in Tokyo and actively introduces artists not only from Kansai but also from Tokyo and eastern Japan.
Kodama Gallery
Terrada Art ComplexⅠ3F, 1-33-10 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Exhibition Information
Mayuko Wada
"Wandering rocks"
October 16 – November 20
Based on her concept of “forming a body to the image,” Mayuko Wada has consistently tried to embody the “images” she has within her head in the real world as accurately as possible. “An image comes and goes through our mind like the flow of a river or stream of thought,” the artist says. “Or it keeps on going in and out, like waves of the sea. Though the images are just visions and each one is individual, we relate one image to another and keep them in mind with interest.”

In this solo exhibition, “Wandering Rocks,” Wada goes beyond trying to grasp and embody the images floating through her head one-by-one as she’s done before. Here, she creates an installation in which a number of images are presented with various perspectives.
Mayuko Wada, Built structures, 2017
Courtesy of the artist and Kodama Gallery