Installation view of Shiho Kagabu's exhibition "Mantle Plume -The Anger of Izanami and Pele," 2019
KAYOKOYUKI established its office and viewing room in 2011 and opened a gallery space in a wooden warehouse in Komagome, Tokyo, in 2015. KAYOKOYUKI has participated in international art fairs, such as NADA Miami and Paris Internationale, and has worked with other galleries in Japan and overseas to introduce artists to new audiences. Artists represented by the gallery include Yohei Imamura, Shiho Kagabu, Yu Nishimura, Ayako Ohno, Emi Otaguro, Hikaru Suzuki, Daichi Takagi, Masanori Tomita, PUGMENT, and Michi Suwa, among others.
2-14-14 Komagome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Exhibition Information
"In their shoes 2"
Eli Bornowsky, Michiko Fujita, Nobuya Hitsuda, Ayako Ohno, Daichi Takagi, and Evelyn Taocheng Wang
October 2 – November 7
The pandemic has limited our opportunities to meet face-to-face, making it difficult to do the things we used to do regularly: talk about what is going on with each other, listen to each other’s ideas, and keep each other updated. Because we now might know so little about someone’s situation, it is not always easy for us to imagine or to care. We are once again reminded of the importance of thinking about the views of others and the environment in which they live in order to live in a healthy and comfortable way, and to avoid unnecessary fears.

This exhibition features the work of 12 artists with very different backgrounds, practices, and techniques. The gallery hopes their works can remind us of someone we cannot meet face-to-face or take us to a place where we cannot go.
Eli Bornowsky, H38Dmod12_14_15_18x18grid_to_Hex, 2020