HAGIWARA PROJECTS was established in 2013 in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, and relocated to Koto-ku in March 2021. Since its founding, the gallery has focused on introducing Japanese and international emerging and mid-career artists working with various media, including painting, sculpture, film, and photography. The gallery is actively working to build the art scene in Japan, not only by showing gallery artists but also by inviting curators to organize thought-provoking exhibitions. HAGIWARA PROJECTS also participates in international art fairs and actively introduces Japanese artists to a global audience.
1F 1-13-6, Tokiwa, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Exhibition Information
Nana Yokoi
October 30 – November 18
HAGIWARA PROJECTS is pleased to present Nana Yokoi’s first solo show at the gallery, which will feature new drawings and oil paintings. Yokoi’s work consists primarily of pencil drawings of small, fragile objects, such insects, birds, and candles, as well as young boys and girls. She arranges them as if she were drawing a scene from a fable, which can be, at times, disquieting. Yokoi carefully observes the events of daily life and the motions of the mind, transforming them in her works in order to confront the world. Her works, carefully drawn with well-thought-out lines, are delicate and fresh, but also show the interesting strength of a painting that has explored its form.
Nana Yokoi, Small Play Book, 2021