2F, 3-27-6 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
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Fig. is an artist-run space and project that was founded in 2017. While it hosts exhibitions in Otsuka, Tokyo, it also produces and publishes artists’ books. Fig. exhibits an intergenerational array of Japanese and international artists to promote cultural exchange and build a sustainable platform for dialog. Fig. also engages in cultivating and promoting academic research in contemporary art by publishing and hosting symposia and talks. Exhibitions include Shizuka Okada’s “Slender and long my whistle” (2018), COBRA’s “The Museum” (2019), and Hanna Weinberger’s “” (2020), which was a collaborative project with Fitzpatrick Gallery (Paris).

Exhibition Information
Drawing Fever I: Narrative, On-going
November 2–November 27
Fig. is hosting a series of exhibitions to examine the relationship between various artists and drawing, to dive deeply into the notion of drawing, and to further explore its possibilities. Through this program, the gallery hopes to liberate drawing from its potent medium-specific qualities on the one hand and to situate it as a pivotal entry point to investigate contemporary artists’ practices on the other.

The first exhibition in the series, “Narrative,” explores drawing from the perspective of the titular concept and other notions that exist around it. It regards drawing as not only a medium or method for storytelling; rather, it considers each artist’s practice as an entire narrative(s) and uses the artists’ endeavors to shape these narratives to apprehend the concept of “drawing.”