Photo by Yuichi Ihara
Gallery 38
Gallery 38 opened in 2016 in the Jingumae district of Tokyo. The gallery focuses on both local and international contemporary art and aims to be a place where people can become familiar with art on an everyday basis. Represented artists include Eiji Uematsu, Stephanie Quayle, Christian Pooley, and Hartmut Landauer, among others.
Gallery 38
2-30-28 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Exhibition Information
Christiane Pooley
September 23 – November 14
Gallery 38 is pleased to announce “Distance,” a solo exhibition by Christiane Pooley. Pooley’s practice is deeply embedded in her own personal explorations of place, while she also reflects on the wider complexities of her origins in the Araucania region of southern Chile. Her newest series of works also meditates on the pandemic’s ongoing impact, specifically in terms of how we use technology to socialize in the absence of physical connection. Many of the paintings in the exhibition possess a compelling sense of tenderness and longing, but these are by no means works of romanticism or nostalgia. The balance between vivid, concrete details and more abstract elements creates a palpable tension and slightly uncanny atmosphere. As such, viewers are presented with a tense, haunting kind of beauty in which glimpses of intimate memories are caught suspended in the process of fading.
Christiane Pooley, Summer, 2021
© Christiane Pooley