• A5
  • Otsuka

Tree-ness House 2F
3-27-6 Kita-Otsuka, Toshima-ku

Tel. 81-(0)90-7882-4546

Fig. is an artist-run space founded in Kita-Otsuka in 2017. Organized on a project basis, its exhibition program features both local and international artists and is often developed in collaboration with other art spaces from Japan and abroad. Past exhibitions include David Ostrowski, “Leeres Wasser (Anti Drawings)” (2023); Umico Niwa, “My Life Inside a Shoe (the phantom cricket)” (2023), organized with XYZ collective; “Drawing Fever I: Narrative, on-going” (2022); Nicolás Guagnini and Shizuka Okada, “Interference” (2021), organized with Galerie Max Mayer; Hannah Weinberger “” (2020), curated by Fitzpatrick Gallery with the Performance Agency; Cobra, “The Museum” (2019); and Shizuka Okada, “Slender and Long My Whistle” (2018).