HA CHONG-HYUN, Conjunction 22-48, 2022. Oil on hemp cloth, 117 x 91 cm. Photo by Ahn Chunho. © Ha Chong-hyun; courtesy the artist and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles/New York/Tokyo.

Blum & Poe is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Ha Chong-hyun, featuring eight new paintings from his ongoing Conjunction series. Begun in 1974, the Conjunction series employs Ha’s original bae-ap-bub (back-pressure) technique, in which he presses viscous oil paint through the weave of the canvas to produce thick agglomerations on the front. The artist then brushes, smears, and scrapes the surface paint into abstract compositions that emphasize the materiality of the medium and its support.

Through their experiments with monochrome painting, Ha Chong-hyun and his peers—Chung Sang-Hwa, Kwon Young-Woo, Lee Ufan, Park Seo-Bo, Yun Hyong-keun, and others—came to be known as the Dansaekhwa movement. By variously pushing paint, soaking canvas, dragging pencils, and ripping paper, these pioneers refuted the conventions of traditional ink painting and questioned the distinctions separating ink painting from oil, painting from sculpture, and object from viewer.



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